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April 13-15 2021

Refereed Proceedings
Volume 2021, Number 1

Table of Contents

Faculty’s Perception of Technology Tools & Support: Everyone Teaches, Everyone Learns  
Kelvin Beckett, Purdue University Global, West Layfayette, IN, USA   
Full Text (pdf) - https://tccpapers.coe.hawaii.edu/archive/2021/Beckett.pdf 

Looking in the Post-Covid Crystal Ball: Utopian and Dystopian Possibilities for Dubai Private Schools Offering Synchronous Blended Learning
Charlotte Dawson & David Keating, Tampere University of Applied Sciences Tampere, Finland

Future of the Physical Learning Spaces Use by Educators
Aiman Khamitova, Florida State University, Kazakhstan

Novel Cost-Effective Internal Live Online Proctoring Solution
Amber S. Kujath, Katherine M. Schafer & Brandon C. Taylor, Rush University/Rush University Medical Center, Chicago, IL, USA

Google for Education as a Learning Management System, Do the Benefits Outweigh the Ethical Concerns?
Nathalie Lossec and Nicholas Millar, Tampere University of Applied Sciences, Tampere, Finland

Teams in the Virtual Classroom: A Sharing of Practical Experience
Ilene Ringler, Purdue University Global, Florida, USA

Promoting Equity and Mitigating Bias in Online Grading Feedback Processes
Jennifer Schneider, The Community College of Philadelphia, USA

Why Online Learning is a Feminist Endeavor and Opportunity
Jennifer Schneider, The Community College of Philadelphia, USA

A Novel Approach for an Autonomous Discussion Forum Facilitator in an Asynchronous Learning Environment
Kyle Morton, Parker University and Marilyn Carroll, Strayer Univesity, Dallas, TX, USA


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